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Dioxins and Estrogens.

CALUX Bioassay for Dioxin (AhR) screening

CALUX Bioassay

For bioanalytical screening for dioxins and dioxin-like chemicals (PCDDs, PCDFs, and DL-PCBs) in diverse matrices, including: soil, sediment, water, gas stack, food, feed, and many others. Additional applications include detection and relative quantitation of novel Ah receptor agonists for therapeutic drug development and broad-class chemical screening purposes.

LUMI-CELL for Estrogen (ERα activity) testing

LUMI-CELL Bioassay

For bioanalytical screening for endocrine-active chemicals (estrogens and antiestrogens) in diverse matrices, including: medicine, food, cosmetics, toys, environmental matrices (sediment, water and air) and more.

Xenobiotic Detection Systems International, Inc (XDSI) is one of the world’s leading laboratories for dioxin screening by cell bioassay.

With more than 20 years of experience using this methodology, Hiyoshi products are utilized globally and officially approved by USEPA, OECD and other governmental agencies and organizations.

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